the development period

The DROID project, started back in 1997 by Thor Asmund, was originally meant to be a birthday present. It quickly evolved since we were all quite surprised of what was achieved with such simple hardware. Also we were excited about what could be achieved by a hardware update and a redesign of the software. This would allow for a much more complex synthesizer at the level of today's synths but with some new special one-of-a-kind features.


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During the development process both DROID-1 and 2 was dumped and since a lot of people wanted to buy a DROID already when DROID-1 was made we decided to finish DROID-3 with proper casing etc. It has been enhanced far more than was ever the plan. Practically everything is optimized and with the final firmware its chip has been pushed to the limit.

Mid 2001 we finally had the first batch ready.

Read the newsletters from end of the development period August 2000 to May 2001.