DroidEdit - for Windows and Mac OS

Is a patch editor that uses MIDI to transmit the patch and editing data.

The first version of DROID-3 can not save patches internally but DroidEdit (at least the Windows version) can save them and even export them individually in the Standard MIDI File format. This allows for importing a into your sequencer where it will work like a regular Program Change.



by Michael Olsen, Erik S. Andersen and Robert L. Nielsen

If your MIDI interface or drivers do not allow for internal MIDI merging, using the editor will prevent your sequencer and mother keyboard from communicating with DROID-3. To play MIDI notes and use the editor you need virtual MIDI routing like MIDI Yoke Junction. One virtual MIDI connection is enough.

Mac OS9


by Daevlmakr

You shouldn't be needing OMS or FreeMIDI to both use your sequencer/mother keyboard with DROID-3 and change its parameters in the editor at the same time in OS X thanks to its MIDI setup.

Logic 8 environment v1.3


Thanks to CS-Jay, Jorgen Traun and Henrik Jensen for their help.

Max for Live device


for Ableton Live by Hjalte Bested Moller - you can e-mail him for support: hjalte dot moller at gmail (com)


DOWNLOAD (all presets)

DroidEdit and MIDI file format

by Sune M. Pedersen and David Filskov

Routing viewer for Windows


You can use this program to understand exactly how the Typ parameter changes the internal routing.