DROID-3 at your command

Digital 8 bit MIDI instrument

Released in 2001 DROID-3 has been producing laser-shots, computer effects, robotic chit-chat, techno-zaps, snappy analogue-like frequency sweeps, basses and gritty tonal sounds ever since :)

DROID-3 is supplying the ever-increasing number of talented electronica, new-age and techno freaks out there with a unique, fast and direct matrix-based way of making sound

Join us on

• digital dirty sound

• looping envelopes

• waveform type modulation

• flexible routing

• filter with booster

• advanced matrix modulation

• oscillator synchronization

• unique oscillator distortion

• blazingly fast arpeggio

• envelope/osc bit reduction

• editor PC, Mac and Logic Pro

• all features MIDI accessible

This small digital sound device was made with the intention of giving the user a cheap and unique sound source with flexible real-time control possibilities and easy integration into any MIDI setup.

DROID-3 is a hand-made lo-fi stand-alone monophonic sound device with 2 DCOs, 2 envelopes and a lot of modulation features. Preset sounds come via MIDI and every parameter reacts in real-time like with an analogue synth - no need to retrig the notes to hear the changes you make. All parameters can be controlled either via MIDI or by using the dial and the buttons on the unit itself.

Starting out only as a hobby project this little synth has in fact made its way into the history of Denmark by being the very first Danish manufactured synthesizer.

DROID-3 has a four note arpeggio buffer. The two digitally controlled oscillators have 7 waveforms that can be modulated in a quite unique way (distortion modes like mirror or wrap) creating lots of new waveforms. One of the DCOs can be synced to the other (sync slave mode) and the DCOs are mixed through one digital high/low/band pass or band rejection filter with optional overdrive/boost or two parallel high/low pass filters. The arpeggio speed, the filter(s) and almost all the parameters of each DCOs (such as waveform number) can be controlled in realtime by a range of MIDI controllers or internal sources including the output from each DCO and the two envelopes. Both envelopes can loop, thus functioning as LFOs.

Today most synths are custom made with features that are impressive but only capable of doing the one thing they were meant for; LFOs controlling pitch, envelopes controlling amplitude or filters, pitch wheel controlling pitch etc. In the old days the sound programmer could interconnect everything and have e.g. the oscillator control the filter even though it was not really meant to do that. This is what the term matrix modulation means to us and that is what we tried to do with DROID-3; bring back the long lost freedom and creativity in a healthy balance with a simple user interface.