DROID-3 at your command...
Digital 8 bit MIDI instrument

Released in 2001 DROID-3 has been producing laser-shots, computer effects, robotic chit-chat, techno-zaps, snappy analogue-like frequency sweeps, basses and gritty tonal sounds ever since :) DROID-3 is supplying the ever-increasing number of talented electronica, new-age and techno freaks out there with a unique, fast and direct matrix-based way of making sound.

• digital dirty sound
• looping envelopes
• waveform type modulation
• flexible routing
• filter with booster
• advanced matrix modulation
• oscillator synchronization
• unique oscillator distortion
• blazingly fast arpeggio
• envelope/osc bit reduction
• editor PC, Mac and Logic Pro
• all features MIDI accessible